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Safe Ride Home Sudbury

Safe Ride Home Sudbury
(705) 675-2255
1545 Maley Drive
Sudbury, ON

Friday & Saturdays in December

We spread awareness and education to prevent impaired driving, and throughout the holiday season, operate the the Holiday Safe Ride Home Service. Each year, approximately 8,000 Sudburians receive a Safe Ride Home in their own vehicle by a team of volunteers.

Safe Ride Home Sudbury was established to continue the long-standing tradition of providing a community service assisting Sudburians in safely securing a ride home and to spread awareness and education to prevent impaired driving.

Who can use Safe Ride Home Sudbury?
Safe Ride Home Sudbury isn’t a taxi service. It’s a unique program that gets both vehicles and drivers home safely. So while anyone can call, you must have a vehicle in order to get a ride. You also need to wear seat belts so if you have more passengers than seat belts, someone will be staying behind.

Is the service confidential?
Absolutely! All volunteers sign a form agreeing not to provide any information that might be used to identify a client, their passengers or their addresses. So don’t let worries about discretion drive you away.

What does it cost to use Safe Ride Home Sudbury?
Safe Ride Home Sudbury is FREE but donations are gratefully accepted. All donations support local youth programs in our community.

How do I use Safe Ride Home Sudbury?
When you are ready to be picked up call our headquarters at (705) 675.2255 and a team will be dispatched to your location at the earliest opportunity.

Please note, we can not accept reservations due to the operational requirements of the service.

Who can volunteer?
You can volunteer by yourself or with friends, for one evening or as many as you can spare. Volunteers must submit a Volunteer Application and Police Information Check form. Applications require time to process. Please ensure that you have your application(s) submitted well in advance of the dates you wish to volunteer for.

Can I volunteer with a group of coworkers?
Absolutely! Contact us to get your Sponsor Evening Package and to learn more about workplace volunteering.