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HOTT BOXX is a live band in Sudbury, with 2 members. A guitar player & singer (Dan) and a keyboard player & singer (Keith).

HOTT BOXX plays gigs at events & parties and is one of the most sought after musical groups in the area. Famous for covering FUN UPBEAT TUNES across the decades / eras and genres with a unique style and groove completely their own.

Let the good times roll with a MASSIVE repertoire – Including Reggae, Country, Rock, Oldies, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Blues, Alternative. Depending on the night or event, they have choice of literally hundreds of tunes.

Lets get people electrified and dancing. Others will get drunk, because it’s a great time and the excitement takes over. The music can be loud in your face & sloppy – Pouring shots and dancing on tables kind of night. This has happened. But the versatility is there, with dynamic that can also do soft and sweet in the background at an awards ceremony.

HOTT BOXX gets the job done. Knows the feel and plays the crowd. They will please your audience with a large repertoire of fantastic material regardless of age.

The band is a proven crowd pleaser, and master at getting people loose. You will love it, and so will your guests.

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